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Greenish Scented Candle with Oak Lid

Greenish Scented Candle with Oak Lid

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Greenish Scented Candles in four aromas:
– EASE - Pomegranate Seeds, Cornmint, Spearmint, Amber, Musk, Woods.
– REVIVAL - Citrus, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Rosemary, Cedar.
– SURPRISE - Tomato Leaves, Black Currant, Orange Blossom, Jasmin, Musk, Woods.
– GARDEN - Herbs, Steeped Hops, Agrimony, Wild Burdock Roots.

This listing is for one candle in a chosen aroma.

Our candles are:
– Made of unique soya and rapeseed oil wax, combined with top quality fragrances,
– Hand poured in greenish matte ceramic pots with cotton wicks (paper core),
– Covered with natural Lithuanian oak lids,
– Dressed up with the adjustable matching linen straps from our linens collection (ref. MIDILINO col. IRISH WINTER),
– Packed in a black luxury gift box.

– Height 4" / 10 cm, diameter 3,3" / 8,5 cm,
– Wax weight 280 g,
– Burn time about 60 hours.

LINA PLUS HOME SCENTS COLLECTION is created and crafted for lovers of natural luxury. It combines natural materials (ceramic, oak, linen, metal) into one wholeness. Our carefully selected scents will enrich your rooms with an aura of special mood, and also will provide a clean, aesthetic, monochromatic look in any room at home or in the office.
Linen strap on the candle is our "linen signature" which makes the scents collection one-of-a-kind. The linen strap is also functional - if you need to move the candle to another place, hold it by the linen strap to protect your hands from the heat of the ceramic.
The strap is handmade from medium weight linen ref. MIDILINO, which is used for bedlinen, table linen. If you have our linen tablecloth or linen sheets in color IRISH WINTER - these candles will match your home linens perfectly.

We encourage you to re-use the candle components:
– Ceramic pot can be used as a pot for small plants or other purposes. Stop using candle when there is ~1/4 inch (~0,5 cm) wax left on the bottom. Clean the remaining wax with paper towel, use some hot water if needed.
– Wooden lid can be used as a coaster.

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